Friday, March 16, 2012

Led Zeppelin - Studio Gems 4CD (2003) 320 vtwin88cube

Led Zeppelin - Studio Gems 4CD (2003) 320 vtwin88cube

Led Zeppelin - Studio Gems 4CD (2003) 320 vtwin88cube

HASH: bd0fc199e44d3fe722fdfa96d231263b10aa995f

*Led Zeppelin - Studio Gems 4CD (2003) 320

+Volume 1/01.George Wallace (P.J. Proby On Vocals).mp3

+Volume 1/02.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 8).mp3

+Volume 1/03.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 9).mp3

+Volume 1/04.You Shook Me (Take 1 ).mp3

+Volume 1/05.Babe Come On Home (Tribute To Bert Berns).mp3

+Volume 1/06.Instrumental (Take 1).mp3

+Volume 1/07.Instrumental (Take 2).mp3

+Volume 1/08.Babe Come On Home (Final Take).mp3

+Volume 1/09.Moby Dick.mp3

+Volume 1/10.Jenning Farm Blues (Bron-Y-Aur Stomp) (Electric Version).mp3

+Volume 1/11.Whole Lotta Love.mp3

+Volume 1/12.Communication Breakdown (Including Just A Little Bit).mp3

+Volume 1/13.Travelling Riverside Blues.mp3

+Volume 2/01.Hey Hey What Can I Do.mp3

+Volume 2/02.White Summer.mp3

+Volume 2/03.Poor Tom.mp3

+Volume 2/04.Snow Down.mp3

+Volume 2/05.Dazed And Confused.mp3

+Volume 2/06.Wind In The Willows.mp3

+Volume 2/07.I Wanna Be Her Man.mp3

+Volume 2/08.Acoustic Jam.mp3

+Volume 2/09.That's The Way.mp3

+Volume 2/10.Hey Hey What Can I Do.mp3

+Volume 2/11.Immigrant Song.mp3

+Volume 2/12.Out On The Tiles.mp3

+Volume 2/13.Battle Of Evermore.mp3

+Volume 2/14.The Rover.mp3

+Volume 2/15.That's The Way.mp3

+Volume 2/16.Blues Medley.mp3

+Volume 2/17.Since I've Been Loving You.mp3

+Volume 2/18.No Quarter (Instrumental).mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/01.Intro.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/02.Immigrant Song.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/03.Heartbreaker.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/04.Since I've Been Loving You.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/05.Black Dog.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/06.Dazed And Confused.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/07.Stairway To Heaven.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/08.Going To California.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/09.That's The Way.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 1/10.What Is And What Should Never Be.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/01.Whole Lotta Love (Medley).mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/02.Thank You.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/03.Communication Breakdown.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/04.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/05.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/06.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/07.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/08.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/09.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/10.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/11.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/12.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/13.Various Outtakes.mp3

+Volume 3/Disc 2/14.Various Outtakes.mp3

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